Buy China Business Visa

China Business Visa

The documentation requirement and processing instructions:

Please read the requirements as below and ensure you start gathering these to start your application. All items are also listed in our application pack that can be emailed directly to you.

PROCESSING TIMEVisa Processing Time

3 – 5 Working Days

EMBASSY FEESChina Embassy Fees

5 Days – Upto 2 years £151.00
3 Days – Upto 2 years £178.00

HANDLING FEESVisa Handling Fees

£80 Per Application

EXPRESS OPTIONSExpress Visa Option

£100 (additional to Embassy and Standard Handling Fee)

REQUIREMENTSChina Visa Requirements

Passport (valid for at least minimum 6 months)

1 x Visa Form (photocopy allowed)

1 x Passport Sized Photographs (45mm x 35mm) against a white background

1 x Visa Form

An letter of invitation from the company in China. The letter must include:

– The visitor’s name
– Date of Birth
– The visitor’s passports no.
– Nationality
– Intended date of visit
– Purpose of the visit

VISA VALIDITYChina Visa Validity

3 Months from Date of Issue/Multiple-Entry Visas are Valid for 6 Months

EXTRA INFORMATIONChina Visa Information

Express Visas are subject to availability. Please call our office before sending in your express applications to confirm availability.

No additional information required for Non UK Passport holders.

If you have a stamp from any of the countries listed: Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Pakistan, please advise one of our team members before sending your China application, as you maybe called for a biometric appointment at the embassy

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